Iwatayama Monkey Park

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Macaca fuscata on the roof of the resting place at Iwatayama Monkey Park

Iwatayama Monkey Park (Japanese: 嵐山モンキーパーク, Arashiyama Monkī Pāku) is a commercial park located in Arashiyama in Kyoto, Japan. The park is on Mt Arashiyama, on the same side of the Oi River as the train station. It is inhabited by a troop of over 170 Japanese macaque monkeys. The animals are wild but can be fed food purchased at the site.

Iwatayama Monkey Park in media[edit]

The park is featured in an episode of the Japanese animated series K-On!.

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Coordinates: 35°00′32″N 135°40′29″E / 35.008938°N 135.674681°E / 35.008938; 135.674681