Ixcán River

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Ixcán River
(río Ixcán)
Origin Guatemala
15°33′57″N 91°28′23″W / 15.56582°N 91.47295°W / 15.56582; -91.47295 (Río Quisil (sources Río Ixcán))
Mouth Tributary of the Lacantún River
Basin countries Guatemala, Mexico
Source elevation 2,700 m (8,900 ft)
Mouth elevation 200 m (660 ft)
Basin area 2,085 km2 (805 sq mi)

The río Ixcán is a river in Guatemala. The river flows northwards from its sources in the Cuchumatanes mountains in Huehuetenango, marks the border with El Quiché for a number of kilometers, and crosses the border with Mexico at 16°04′30″N 91°06′28″W / 16.074929°N 91.107817°W / 16.074929; -91.107817 (Río Ixcán) where it flows into the Lacantún River, a tributary of the Usumacinta river. The Ixcán river basin covers an area of 2,085 square kilometres (805 sq mi) in Guatemala.[1]

The river has several different names. From its sources and downriver: Río Quisil, río Naranjo, río Cocola, río Yula San Juan, and río Ixcán.


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