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foundation: 1976
disbanded: 1981
Genre: Psychedelic rock
Website: http://www.matscheko.at/
first instrumentation
Bass: James Geiblinger
voc. / git.: Dita Lasser
drums: Michael Brandstetter
saxes: Max Wedl
ab 1979
voc. /git. / bass: Dita Lasser
git.: guests (EP Kirch, Werner Katzmayer)
drums: Ernst Matscheko, Pez
flute: guest (Adi Nimmervoll)

Ixthuluh is a krautrock band from Austria. The band cannot be assigned to a clear category. It started in 1975 as a jazz rock band but soon changed in a direction of their own, which you can compare mostly to psychedelic rock.


Founded by Dita Lasser (guitar/vocals), James Geiblinger (bass guitar), Max Wedl (saxophone) and Michael Brandstetter (drums) the band was named Ixthuluh since spring 1976. At the beginning they were influenced by bands like Can, Gato Barbieri and Van der Graaf Generator but they started early on to look for their own sound.

The band bought an old farmhouse in 1977 and changed the name of the band from Ixthuluh to the Kollektiv Ixthuluh. In 1979 Werner Ponesch split up from the band and founded the Ixthuluh record shop, which came along well to be a major independent label in Austria.

Totally 5 discs document the work history of Ixthuluh. The finest album is the 1980 recorded Tea At Two, which appears compact and monolithic and shows best the characteristic sound and the intensity of the band.

The band disbanded at the end of 1981. The succeeding band MUB could not really reach the musicalic potential,although the second recording of the group was independent and interesting.


  • 1976: Yes We Are A Jazzband
  • 1979: No Money For A Radio
  • 1979: Outtakes
  • 1980: Tea At Two
  • 1981: What's The Name

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