Iya Traoré

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Iya Traore
Jongle, Montmartre, PARIS XVIIIème.jpg
Traoré in 2010
Personal information
BornKebeya, Guinea
  • Football player
  • football freestyler
Years active2002
Other interests
  • Music
  • dance

Iya Traore (born 1986)[1] is a Guinean footballer and freestyler[2] who has been featured in Guinness World Records[3] three times. He is currently based in Paris where he features on TV shows, reality TV shows, music videos and commercials.

Early and personal life[edit]

Traore started as a local goalkeeper in his village, Kebeya in Guinéa. After his dad returned from Europe, he decided to move out to study in Conakry, Guinéa, where he truly discovered his passion for football. In Conakry, he joined the football club Ibrahim FC and won many trophies with them.[4]

Football career[edit]

In 2000, Traore arrived in Paris where he played for football clubs[5] such as ESP, Paris FC, Paris Saint Germain[6] and at same time helped his father, an African art merchant.[4]

Freestyle career[edit]

Iya Performing before a crowd
Iya Performing during the recording of Guinness World Records 2004

Traore has rebranded onto the global stage what freestyle has to be which gave him documentary opportunities and awards from across the Globe.[7] He has performed in 2014 in Shakira's La La La Music video for the world cup in Brazil. He has performed[8] in over 40 countries including China, France, Ghana,[9] Egypt, Morocco, Italy, US, Brazil etc.


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