Iyengar Tamil

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Iyengar Tamil
Hebbar Tamil
Hebbar Iyengar Tamil
RegionOriginally Karnataka
Native speakers
various Iyengars from around the world speak the language in their respective regions.
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Iyengar Tamil is a dialect of the Tamil language spoken mostly in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and the adjoining areas in South India. Iyengars are followers of the Visishtadvaita philosophy propounded by Ramanuja. They are also followers of Vaishnavism. Iyengars are present in large numbers in various regions of India, such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. However, the spoken dialect differs from state to state.

Mainly spoken in Karnataka, Iyengar Tamil consists of various elements from the Tamil Language. The Iyengar Tamil of Karnataka is known as Hebbar Iyengar Tamil, named after the Iyengar sub-group from Karnataka, the Hebbar Iyengars.