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Izabella Łaba (born 1966)[1] is a Polish-Canadian mathematician, a professor of mathematics at the University of British Columbia. Her main research specialties are harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory, and additive combinatorics.

Professional career[edit]

Łaba earned a master's degree in 1986 from the University of Wrocław.[2] She received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in 1994, under the supervision of Israel Michael Sigal,[2][3] after which she held assistant professorships at the University of California, Los Angeles and Princeton University before moving to UBC in 2000.[2]

She is one of three founding editors of the Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics.[4]


Łaba's thesis research proved the asymptotic completeness of many n-body systems in the presence of a constant magnetic field.[2][5] While at UCLA, with Nets Katz and Terence Tao, she made important contributions to the theory of Kakeya sets, including the best known lower bound on these sets in three-dimensional Euclidean spaces.[2][5] Her more recent work concerns harmonic analysis, periodic tilings, and Falconer's conjecture on sets of distances of points.[5]

Awards and honours[edit]

Łaba was the 2004 winner of the Coxeter–James Prize, an annual prize of the Canadian Mathematical Society for outstanding young mathematicians.[2] In 2008, the CMS honoured her again with their Krieger–Nelson Prize, given to an outstanding woman in mathematics.[5]

In 2012 she became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.[6]


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