Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi

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Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi
Born (2003-01-06) January 6, 2003 (age 16)
Gothenburg, Sweden.
Occupationactivist, debater and orator.

Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi (born January 6, 2003)[1] is a Swedish activist and protester part of the Yellow vests known for having held a protest speech at Mynttorget in Gothenburg against Swedens signing of the UN contract of Global Compact for Migration on December 9, 2018.[2][3] She has also held speeches in Helsingborg[4] and Stockholm.[5] Jarvandi has also fought for the safety of women in Sweden.[6] Jarvandi is mentioned in the book "Tutto quello che c'è da sapere sul clima" by Thomas Pedretti.[7] She is also mentioned in Antonio Giangrande's "Italia allo specchio il dna deli italiani anno 2019 quarto party. La Culture ed I Media".[8]


Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi has Iranian and Swedish heritage. Her father came from Iran and her mother is Swedish. Jarvandi grew up in a high-crime suburb in Gothenburg. She studied at a calm elementary school but she experienced the segregation through friends and family members who witnessed amongst segregated immigrants, and second generation immigrants, language deficients, maladaptation, racism, crime, sexual harassments and drugs. In an interview with Mikael Willgert, the host on Swebbtv, Jarvandi explains that there has been incidents of rape on Swedish school property and that many teachers are afraid of opposing students.[9]


Jarvandi has stated that she is "upset, angry and devastated" over the Swedish governments politics in multiculturalism and integration of immigrants.[10] In an article by Katerina Magasin, published on December 2018, Jarvandi wrote an article saying "I am so angry at the politicians in the parliament – Sweden was a great country!".[11][12] According to an article by the Italian newspaper Lettera Donna, Jarvandi is "a young political activist who is against globalism and who seeks the truth and justice for my beloved Sweden".[13] She has been called the Anti-Greta.[14][15] Jarvandi has 7200 followers on Twitter. In an article by Fidelity News on Mars 2019, Jarvandi is described as opposing globalism, mass-migration, and gender ideology which she believes spread disinformation amongst Swedish youngsters.[16] Jarvandi supports the Hungarian government led by Viktor Orban.[17] In an article by the French newspaper Bvoltaire, Jarvandi is quoted saying "I will never be silenced and I will never forgive the politicians for all the harm they have done to my dear Sweden [...] I am convinced that the gods are watching and I know that traitors will one day be judged severely", Izabella fumed as he spoke in the streets of the Scandinavian cities".[18] The French politician and Secretary General of Parti de la France Thomas Joly supported Jarvandi.[19] In an article by Der Freie Welt published On Mars 2019, Jarvandi is described as "being in while Greta is out".[20] On Mars 17, 2019, Jarvandi tweeted saying "You who have the audacity to harass me for my opinions are only proving me right. It is because of people like you and actions like yours I am fighting and I will not bow nor surrender. We were born free and I intend future generations to be as well".[21] In an article by the Italian newspaper Vietato Parlare, Izabella says: "In relation to the rest of the world, the EU, the government and other rulers are the extremists. Who else wants to exterminate their own people? The left is fun ... On the one hand, he wants variety - at the same time, there is no diversity, because he wants everyone to be the same".[22] In an article by My Nation, Izabella said "The Swedes may not demonstrate in the same way as the French, but that one should be careful while angering the sons and daughters of the Vikings preparing for a rebellion."[23]

Public praises[edit]

Jarvandi was praised by a reporter for being brave and "standing up for her values" on April 24, 2019.[24] She has also received positive feedback from Swedens conservative and nationalist establishment. On January 2019, Jarvandi was praised for her bravery by reporter Matthias Feinbork of the German Die Weltwoche.[25]


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