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Izak Barnard (19 September 1933, Transvaal - 6 March 2011) was a well-known Southern African safari guide, photographer, writer, son of the notorious outlaw hunter Bvekenya, also related to the famous heart transplant surgeon Christiaan Barnard. He was the founder and owner of Penduka Safaris, the first company in the region to provide mobile safari services since 1963.[1]

Izak died of a fatal heart attack in March 2011.


Why Ostriches Don't Fly and Other Tales from the African Bush. (Author: I. Murphy Lewis, Foreword by Izak Barnard)

Kalahari Bushman Healers by Bradford Keeney, Kern L. Nickerson (Photographer), Izak Barnard (Photographer)

A Cross-Cultural Motif in San, Khoekhoe and Northern Sotho Rock Paintings of the Central Limpopo Basin, Southern Africa Edward B. Eastwood. The South African Archaeological Bulletin, Vol. 58, No. 177 (Jun., 2003), pp. 14–26. Photo by Izak Barnard


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