Izembek Wilderness

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Izembek Wilderness
IUCN category Ib (wilderness area)
Izembek Wilderness.jpg
Joshua Green River Valley in Izembek Wilderness
LocationAleutians East Borough, Alaska, United States
Nearest cityCold Bay, Alaska
Coordinates55°15′56″N 162°35′28″W / 55.26556°N 162.59111°W / 55.26556; -162.59111Coordinates: 55°15′56″N 162°35′28″W / 55.26556°N 162.59111°W / 55.26556; -162.59111
Area307,982 acres (124,636 ha)
Governing bodyUS Fish and Wildlife Service

Izembek Wilderness is a 307,982-acre (124,636 ha) wilderness area in a coastal region of the U.S. state of Alaska panhandle, facing Bristol Bay. Located within the 315,000-acre (127,000 ha) Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, all of the land has been designated Wilderness, with the exception of that along a gravel road system and several private holdings. The area was designated wilderness in 1980 with the passage of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.[1][2]


Map of Izembek NWR and Wilderness

Izembek Wilderness hosts a quarter-million migratory birds every fall, including the entire world's population of black brants and thousands of Canada and emperor geese, Steller's eiders, and various species of duck and shorebird. Izembek Lagoon contains one of the largest eelgrass beds in the world, providing food and shelter for the birds. Tundra swans live on the refuge year-round and thousands of gray, minke, and orca whales migrate along the coast. Hundreds of thousands of salmon spawn in the wilderness. Other common wildlife in the wilderness include brown bear, seal, walrus, Steller's sea lion, sea otter, and caribou from the Southern Alaska Peninsula herd.[1][2]

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