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Editor Vlaja Jovanović
Categories Youth magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher SKC
Country Yugoslavia
Language Serbian

Izgled was a pop-culture magazine published in Belgrade, Serbia during the 1980s. Only five issues were published.


The magazine was published by Belgrade's SKC (Students Cultural Centre).

In addition to editor-in-chief Vlaja Jovanović, the inaugural issue was prepared by Nebojša Pajkić and Slavica Vukadinović. For its second issue the magazine received input from painter Dragoš Kalajić. The third issue came out as a catalog for Vlaja Jovanović's art exhibition. The fourth and fifth issues were prepared by Slavko Timotijević.[1]

Influenced by Andy Warhol and his Interview magazine, Jovanović gathered creative people from Belgrade, such as; designers Marko Pešić, Peđa Gavrović and Srba Travanov, musicians Miško Mihajlovski and Goran Vejvoda as well as various other famous and infamous misfits from Belgrade's night life such as Biljana "Bezideja" Trifunović. The magazine's concept was to present snapshots of urban life, featuring young men and women of Belgrade who spend their mornings and early afternoons sleeping, their late afternoons engaged in artistic and creative work, and their nights partying. The magazine ran photos from parties, featuring locally-known individuals, bands, artists etc.

Izgled and its sister magazine Vidici published photos of the embrionic Idoli conceptual band called VIS Dečaci and both financed the recording of the first Idoli single. Izgled appeared as a record label for the debut single "Pomoć, pomoć" / "Retko te viđam sa devojkama" and the single was given as a present with the April, 1980 copy of the Vidici magazine.