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Izhevsk Mechanical Plant
Unitary enterprise
FateMerged with Izhmash to form Kalashnikov Concern
PredecessorPlant 622
FoundedIzhevsk, USSR July 20, 1942 (1942-07-20)
FounderState Defense Committee
ProductsFirearms, air guns
RevenueIncrease US$ 94,867,462 (2009)[1]
Increase US$ 225,315 (2009)[1]
Number of employees
11,633 (January 2010)[1]
ParentMinistry of Industry and Trade
SubsidiariesTrading House "Baikal"

Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (Russian: Ижевский Механический Завод, Izhevsky Mekhancheskiy Zavod) or IZHMEKH (ИЖМЕХ) was a major firearms manufacturer founded in Izhevsk in 1942 for manufacturing small arms.


It was one of the primary factories producing Mosin–Nagant and SVT-40 rifles during World War II for standard issue to Soviet troops. It also made SPSh-44 flare pistols.

After the end of World War II it continued producing firearms, both for military (Makarov pistols) and hunting applications, and later high-tech weapons and civilian machinery.

In 1948 plant began production Margolin pistols.

In 1956 plant began production IZh-56 combination guns.

Since 1960 Izhmekh supplied hunting shotguns for export under the trademark "Baikal". The first model that began to sell for export was IZh-54[2] In 1973 plant began production of PSM pistol, in 1978 - IZh-35 pistols.

In 1980s plant began production of IZh-38 and IZh-40 air guns, since 1989 - IZh-46 air pistols[3].

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union the range of civilian products was greatly expanded, but firearms were still its major production. In 1993 Izhmekh began production of IZh-76 gas pistol (the first model of gas pistol made in Russian Federation)[4], IZh-81 and IZh-94 shotguns.

In 2002 Izhmekh began production MP-461 pistols, in 2004 - Makarych pistols.

In January 2004, a contract was signed between the Remington Arms company and the plant. Baikal firearms was bought by Remington and sold in USA (IZh-18 was sold as Remington Spartan 100, IZh-43-1S was sold as Remington Spartan 210, IZh-43 was sold as Remington Spartan 220, IZh-27 was sold as Remington Spartan 310 and MP-153 was sold as Remington Spartan 453)[5].

In 2008 Izhmekh made 9mm pistols (MP-443 Grach and MP-446 Viking), gas pistols, signal pistols, rifles and several models of smoothbore hunting shotguns[6].

In 2010 Izhmekh began production MP-353 pistols.

On August 13, 2013, Izhmash and Izhevsk Mechanical Plant were merged and formally renamed Kalashnikov Concern.[7]


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