Izmailovo Hotel

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Izmailovo Hotel
Moscow Izmailovo hotel complex evening (14575121847).jpg
General information
Type Hotel
Location Izmaylovo District, Moscow, Russia
Address 105187, Moscow, Izmailovsky highway, 71
Town or city Moscow
Country Russia
Completed 1979
Opened 1979
Top floor 30

The Izmailovo Hotel is a four-building hotel located in Izmaylovo District of Moscow, Russia. Its 3,500-person capacity, with 2,000 rooms,[1] made it the world's largest hotel from 1980, when it surpassed the 3200-room Rossiya Hotel, also in Moscow, until 1993, when the MGM Grand Las Vegas was expanded to 5009 rooms.

It was built for the 1980 Summer Olympics,[2] because Moscow lacked enough hotel rooms. It is usually rated a three star hotel (Alfa, Vega and Delta are rated four star hotels) and its four buildings, Alfa, Beta, Vega and Gamma-Delta, are independently managed.

The nearest subway stations are Партизанская (Partizanskaya)[2] and Moscow Central Circle station Izmaylovo.


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