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Small Izukirudo grid and solution

Izukirudo, is a French logic puzzle and a word puzzle on grid created in 2006 and inspired by Picross.


The name Izukirudo is the pronunciation of the name of its creator (Franck Izquierdo) in Japanese.

Principle of the game[edit]

The goal is to find all the right boxes to circle in each grid. For this, numerical indices are placed above and to the left of the grid. These indices show the order and group size of the boxes to circle, where a group consists of circled letters adjacent to each other. For example, 3, 1 written on the left axis indicates, left to right, a group of 3 letters and a group of one letter on this line. Groups need to be separated by at least one letter.

Once the grid is completed, the solution is transferred to the blank spaces below the grid, in the direction indicated by the arrow placed near the grid. In the example on this page, the solution from top to bottom, left to right (as indicated by the arrow), is K, O, A, L, A.

Each grid has only one solution.

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