Izumi-Chūō Station (Miyagi)

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Izumi-Chūō Swing.jpg
Izumi-Chūō Station
Location 7-1, Izumi-Chūō 1-chome, Izumi, Sendai, Miyagi
Coordinates 38°19′23″N 140°52′50″E / 38.323055°N 140.880555°E / 38.323055; 140.880555Coordinates: 38°19′23″N 140°52′50″E / 38.323055°N 140.880555°E / 38.323055; 140.880555
Operated by Sendai City Subway Logo.pngSendai Subway
Line(s) Namboku Line
  • Bus terminal
Other information
Station code N01
Opened 1992
Passengers (FY 2012) 23,998 daily
The platforms

Izumi-Chūō Station (泉中央駅 Izumi-Chūō eki?) is a terminal underground metro station on the Sendai Subway Nanboku Line in Izumi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. In addition to being the northern-most subway station on the line, there is a large bus terminal for commuters to continue on towards the farthest reaches of Sendai, as well as neighboring towns such as Rifu and Tomiya.

Due to traffic congestion near the only exit of the original station, the city undertook a construction project to extend the underground passageway to an area which could facilitate more vehicles. That project was finished in 2005.


Station layout[edit]

Izumi-Chūō Station is an underground station with a single island platform serving two tracks.


1  Namboku Line for Sendai, Tomizawa
2  Nanboku Line for Sendai, Tomizawa

Surrounding area[edit]

Pedestrian walkway between Izumi-Chūō Station, bus terminal, and department stores
  • Izumi Ward Office
  • Izumi Police Station
  • Sendai City Izumi Library
  • Sendai Children's Space Center
  • Izumity 21
  • Sendai Stadium
  • Nanakita Park

The area around Izumi-Chūō Station is highly commercial, with many shops, restaurants, night clubs, and other amenities.


Izumi-Chūō Station was opened on July 15, 1992. On December 1, 2004 the first phase of expansion (second ticket gate, north entrance) was completed and on April 1, 2005 the northern expansion is completed, with underground passageways to Izumity 21 and the Izumi ward office.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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