Izumisano Station

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Izumisano Station
Izumisano station east entrance.jpeg
East entrance
Location 3-11-41, Uemachi, Izumisano, Osaka
Coordinates 34°24′40.57″N 135°19′1.56″E / 34.4112694°N 135.3171000°E / 34.4112694; 135.3171000Coordinates: 34°24′40.57″N 135°19′1.56″E / 34.4112694°N 135.3171000°E / 34.4112694; 135.3171000
Operated by Nankai Electric Railway
Platforms 3 island platforms
Tracks 4
Connections Bus terminal
Other information
Station code NK30
Website Official website
Opened October 1897[1]
Previous names Sano (until 1948)
Izumisano Station is located in Japan
Izumisano Station
Izumisano Station
Location within Japan

Izumisano Station (泉佐野駅, Izumisano-eki) is a railway station in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Nankai Electric Railway.[1]


Izumisano Station is served by the Nankai Main Line and the Nankai Airport Line, and is numbered "NK30".[1]


The station has three elevated island platforms serving a total of four tracks. The center platform is used for getting off and changing trains from the northbound trains to the southbound ones, and is closed after 24:00.


1-2  Nankai Main Line for Wakayamashi
 Nankai Airport Line for Kansai Airport
3  Nankai Main Line (alighting/transferring passengers)
 Nankai Airport Line (alighting/transferring passengers)
4  Nankai Main Line (alighting/transferring passengers)
 Nankai Airport Line (alighting/transferring passengers)
5-6  Nankai Main Line for Namba

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Nankai Main Line
Iharanosato (NK29)   Local   Hagurazaki (NK33)
Iharanosato (NK29)   Semi-Express (only running for Namba in the morning on weekdays)   Hagurazaki (NK33)
Kaizuka (NK26)   Sub. Express   Hagurazaki (NK33)
Kaizuka (NK26)   Express   Ozaki (NK37)
Kishiwada (NK24)   Limited Express "Southern"   Ozaki (NK37)
Airport Line
Iharanosato (NK29, Nankai Line)   Local   Rinkū Town (NK31)
Kaizuka (NK26, Nankai Line)   Airport Express   Rinkū Town (NK31)
Tengachaya (NK05, Nankai Line)   Limited Express "rapi:t α"   Rinkū Town (NK31)
Kishiwada (NK24, Nankai Line)   Limited Express "rapi:t β"   Rinkū Town (NK31)

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