Izumo Nankin goldfish

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The Izumo Nankin goldfish is a rare breed of goldfish native to southwestern Japan. It is very difficult to source individuals outside Japan, but Nankin are commonly available there.[1] This breed has many fanciers in its native country, with many clubs dedicated to it such as the Central Nankin Lovers Association.[2] The Nankin is a top-view fish and typically comes in a red and white coloration.[3] The body form resembles a dorsal-less ryukin goldfish with a ranchu-like tail. The tail possess a partial fusion. When viewed from above the head, the body resembles a triangle.

History and origins[edit]

The Nankin originated between 1748 and 1750 in the area of modern-day Shimane Prefecture.[4] It was developed from the Marco Goldfish, which is also an ancestor of the Ranchu. It became a registered breed in Shimane Prefecture in 1982.


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