Izvestiy TSIK Islands

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Location of the Izvestiy Tsik Islands in the Kara Sea

The Izvestiy TSIK Islands or Izvesti Tsik Islands (Russian: Острова Известий ЦИК), also known as Izvestia Islands, is an archipelago composed of two large and two small islands covered with tundra vegetation, shingle and ice. It is located in the Kara Sea, about 150 km from the coast of Siberia and just 45 km north of the nearest island group, the Arkticheskiy Institut Islands.

The largest island is called Troynoy and it is 27 km in length. The sea surrounding the Izvesti Tsik Islands is covered with pack ice in the winter and there are numerous ice floes even in the summer. The strait between Pologyy-Sergeyeva and Gavrilina Island is known as Proliv Belukha.

This island group belongs to the Krasnoyarsk Krai administrative division of Russia and is part of the Great Arctic State Nature Reserve, the largest nature reserve of Russia.

These islands were named after Izvestiya Tsentral'nogo Ispolnitel'nogo Komiteta, which was the full title of the newspaper Izvestia.

There was a Scientific station (Polyarnaya Stantsiya) on Troynoy Island.


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Coordinates: 75°58′N 82°21′E / 75.967°N 82.350°E / 75.967; 82.350