Iziaslav of Polotsk

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Prince of Polotsk
Monument to Iziaslav in Zaslawye
IssueVseslav and Briachislav
Iziaslav Vladimirovich
Iziaslavichi of Polotsk (founder)
FatherSaint Vladimir
MotherRogneda of Polotsk
InsigniaIziaslav's signature
Iziaslav of Polock seal

Iziaslav (Russian: Изяслав, Belarusian: Ізяслаў; Ukrainian: Ізяслав, romanizedIziaslav) was the son of Vladimir I of Kiev and Rogneda of Polotsk. He was the progenitor of the Iziaslavichi of Polotsk.

When his father converted to Christianity in 988, he had to divorce all his previous wives, including Rogneda. She and her son Iziaslav were exiled back to the lands of Polotsk – first to Iziaslav, and later to Polotsk.[1]

Following Norse tradition, Iziaslav was sent with his mother to rule her homeland. There is also a legend that Rogneda tried to get Iziaslav to slay his father.

Despite possibly going against the will of his father, Iziaslav was able to continue his rule in Polotsk. He was first to make Polotsk autonomous from the Grand Duke of Kiev passing his title to his descendants after his death. His principality carried a wide degree of autonomy that later was passed on to his descendants. His glory was commemorated after an established city that was named after him.[2]

Iziaslav died at the young age of about 23, in 1001, surviving his mother but predeceasing his father Vladimir of Kiev, thus excluding his descendants from ever succeeding the Kievan throne, according to the so-called "Rota system".

The name of Iziaslav's spouse is unknown. He had two sons: Bryachislav of Polotsk and Vseslav. Both were certainly minor at the time of his father's death. Vseslav died, still in childhood, in 1003, while Bryachislav survived to continue the Polotsk dynasty and to challenge the authority of his uncle Yaroslav the Wise. His direct progeny ruled Principality of Polotsk until 1222.


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Iziaslav of Polotsk
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