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Izzat Yousef Al-Maqrif (Izzat al-Megaryef is an alternate spelling) is a prominent Libyan political prisoner who was born in Benghazi, Libya in 1952, formerly a senior member of the NFSL (the National Front for the Salvation of Libya). During a stay in Egypt, on the evening of March 12, 1990, Izzat Yousef Al-Maqrif was taken for routine questioning, and hasn't been seen since.[1] Izzat is the brother of former Libyan Head of State Mohammed Magariaf.


On the evening of March 12, 1990, Izzat Yousef Al-Maqrif was taken for routine questioning by Colonel Mohamed Hassan, and hasn't been seen since. Two years after his disappearance, Izzat sent letters explaining that he had been questioned on March 13, 1990 by Egyptian intelligence and transferred to Libyan Intelligence.[2]

Proof of Kidnapping[edit]

Izzat’s family recently obtained letters with Izzat’s distinct handwriting detailing his kidnapping. The details include the name of the people involved in the kidnapping in Egyptian Intelligence as well as the names of the people that interrogated him in Libya. Although the letter was written just a couple of years after he was kidnapped, the family only received it in September 2009. Details of the letter corroborate US Intelligence reports. Two former prisoners of Abu Salim prison have come up recently and are willing to testify that they saw Izzat Yousef Al-Maqrif imprisoned in Abu Salim Prison. They even know the full names and nicknames of the guards who were guarding Izzat Al-Maqrif and the exact prison cell that he was in during his stay in Abu Salim Prison in Tripoli.[3]

This case has been adopted and supported by the Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey, Mr. Michael Wildes, who fought to keep Mr. Gaddafi out of Englewood [4] in the 2009 United Nations General Assembly conference.[5]


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