Izzy Jannazzo

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Anthony "Izzy" Jannazzo (January 31, 1915 Ensley, Alabama - June 18, 1995 Columbus, Ohio) was an American professional boxer who fought in the Welterweight Division. Under his managers, Guy Anselmi and Chris Dundee, his record was 65 wins (9 KO's), 47 losses, and 15 draws from 127 fights.

Jannazzo had an up-down career that was full of streaks and occasional super performances; He was not a power hitter yet won 65 of 126 bouts and scored just 8 knockouts; During his career, he won the Welterweight Championship of the World (as recognized by Maryland state)

He defeated such men as Herbert "Cocoa Kid" Lewis Hardwick, Kid Azteca, Holman Williams, Johnny Jadick, Ralph Zannelli, Jimmy Leto, Steve Mamakos, Murray Brandt, Steve Halaiko, Tony Falco, Freddie Cabral, Stanislaus Loayza, Joe Rossi, Charley Parham, Freddie Dixon, Billy Celebron, Jackie Davis, Gustav Eder, Jackie Burke, "Wild" Bill McDowell, Joe Governale, Frankie Abrams, and Johnny Green; He also fought Ceferino Garcia to a draw.