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A shot of Jägermeister dropped into a glass of Red Bull, creating a Jägerbomb
TypeMixed drink
Standard drinkwareA pub glass and a shot glass.
Pint Glass (Pub).svg
Shot Glass (Standard).svg

The Jägerbomb /ˈjɡərˌbɒm/ is a bomb mixed drink made by dropping a shot of Jägermeister into an energy drink, typically Red Bull. Sometimes, this drink is incorrectly identified as a traditional "shot".[1]

Commercial preparation[edit]

A Jägerbomb is usually sold with a can of Red Bull or an equivalent energy drink, poured into a pint glass and accompanied by Jägermeister in a shot glass. The glass of Jägermeister is dropped into the Red Bull by the bartender or the customer.


A Jäger-train is a theatrical method for preparing the drinks when multiple Jägerbombs have been ordered. Glasses of Red Bull are lined up, and an empty glass is placed at one end. Shot glasses of Jägermeister are then balanced on the lips of the glasses. The first shot glass (which is on the empty-glass end) is pushed over; it falls into the Red Bull in the next glass and—if the glasses are correctly positioned—it will simultaneously knock over the next shot glass, thus a domino effect will be created, causing each shot glass to fall into a glass of Red Bull.[2][3] In order for the trick to work, the shot glasses need to be tall enough (or drink glasses narrow enough) so that one shot glass knocks over the next shot glass in the line. The train can also be arranged into a Jäger-ring that completes itself.

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