Järntorget, Gothenburg

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Järntorget to the south with the small-scale buildings of Haga in the left (southeast) corner and the broad street of Linnégatan on the right (southwest) corner
Statue of Dan Andersson in the south east corner of Järntorget

Järntorget (English: The Iron Square) is a public square in Gothenburg, Sweden, named after the now-demolished scale which stood on the site, used for weighing iron to be exported from the city's harbour. A hub for public transport (see Gothenburg tram system), it is located west of Haga and is the starting point for the boulevards of Linnégatan to the south and Nya Allén to the east; and the streets of Första Långgatan and Andra Långgatan to the west.

The former site of the scale is occupied by a large, granite fountain called De fem världsdelarna (The Five Continents), with five naked, female, bronze sculptures (by Tore Strindberg) representing 5 continents: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. The plinth in the centre of the fountain is decorated with the stamps which were used by the large number of Swedish iron merchants which once traded in the city. The fountain was first erected in 1927 and has been moved twice since then.

Järntorget is the traditional home of the city's labour movement, with the Social Democratic Party, ABF, Folkteatern, Folkets hus and trade unions located here.

Coordinates: 57°41′59″N 11°57′10″E / 57.69972°N 11.95278°E / 57.69972; 11.95278