Jóska Sobri

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Jóska Sobri
Sobri Jóska.jpg
Jóska Sobri (painted by Sándor Száva)
József Pap

1810 (1810)
DiedFebruary 16, 1837(1837-02-16) (aged 26–27)
Other namesJóska Zsubri
Occupationbandit, highwayman
Known forHe was a folk hero, being a Hungarian version of Robin Hood

Jóska Sobri or Jóska Zsubri (1810, Erdőd major (Vas county) - February 17, 1837, Lápafő), born as József Pap,[1] was a famous bandit who became a legendary outlaw in Transdanubia, Kingdom of Hungary. Fifty years after his death people still spoke of his passing and some thought he was still alive[citation needed].

Sobri, like Sándor Rózsa, is one of the most famous Hungarian betyárs (bandits).


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