Józef Adamowicz

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Warning sign at the outside wall of Kraków Ghetto (1939–45)

Józef Adamowicz (of Kraków, Poland)[1] was a close friend of Dr. Julian Aleksandrowicz, a world-renowned Polish-Jewish scholar on leukemia. Following the German invasion of Poland, Aleksandrowicz fought in the Polish Army's 72nd Infantry Regiment and subsequently was imprisoned by the Nazis in the Kraków Ghetto.[2]

According to Aleksandrowicz's postwar testimony, Adamowicz (in 1943 aged 60) came everyday for a number of weeks to the gate of the prison where the Doctor's own father worked, and passed onto him packages of clothing, newspapers and food for his family. Caught by the Kraków Jewish Ghetto Police, Adamowicz was clubbed nearly to death, and died afterwards.[3]

Józef Adamowicz was posthumously bestowed the title of Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem of Jerusalem in 1992, along with his close family members.[1]


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