Józef Kallenbach

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Józef Kallenbach

Józef Henryk Kallenbach (24 November 1861 – 12 September 1929) - a Polish historian of literature.

Kallenbach graduated from the IV Public Male Gymnasium under the name Jan Długosz of old-classical type in Lwów. He was a professor of Polish literary history at Lwów University (since 1904) and Jagiellon University. He was also a professor at the universities in Freiburg, Warsaw, and Wilno, a member of the Akademia Umiejętności, and a director of the Czartoryski Museum and Library in Kraków.

He lectured about Polish pre-partitions literature and romanticism. During his work in Lwów he examined the works of Adam Mickiewicz, Zygmunt Krasiński, and Juliusz Słowacki. Some of his most notable works refer to the literature of Old Poland.

Although Kallenbach died in Kraków, he was buried on Lychakivskiy Cemetery, as he considered himself tied with Lwów.

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