Józef Lustgarten

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Józef Lustgarten
Personal information
Date of birth 1 November 1889
Place of birth Krakow, Poland
Date of death 22 September 1973
Place of death Kraków, Poland

Józef Lustgarten (1 November 1889, Krakow - 22 September 1973, Kraków) was a Polish footballer.[1]

Born in Cracow, he was Jewish.[1][2] He represented Cracovia.[3][1][2] He also represented Poland in international matches.[1] He was the first manager of the Poland national football team in 1922.[4]

During World War II, he was arrested in Lwów in 1939 by the Soviet NKVD, and sent to the Gulag, where spent 17 years in forced labor camps.[5] After returning to Poland, he became the honorary president of "Cracovia Kraków" club.

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