József Borovnyák

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József Borovnják
Jozsef Borovnjak.jpg
Born Around February 9, 1826
Ivanovci (Ivanócz/Alsószentbenedek), Kingdom of Hungary (now Slovenia)
Died September 19, 1909
Cankova, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Slovenia)
Occupation Writer, politician, priest
Nationality Hungarian Slovenian
Genre religious works, political works
Literary movement Nationalism, Catholicism

József Borovnyák or Borovnják (Slovene: Jožef Borovnjak; 1826 – 19 September 1909) was a Premurje Slovene writer, politician, and Roman Catholic priest in Hungary.

Borovnják was born in the village of Ivanócz (later Alsószentbenedek, Slovenian Ivanovci). His family was originally Protestant. His father converted to Catholicism.

Borovnják first served as a priest from 1851 to 1852 at the Istvánfalvian Church in the village of Apátistvánfalva (Vas Country). He was later a priest in Felsőlendva and Cankova (where he died).

Borovnják was a defender of the local Prekmurje dialect. He wrote books in it; for example, a catechism and prayer books. In 1877 he posthumously reprinted Miklós Küzmics' Prekmurje dialect translation of the gospels. He was also involved in politics.


  • Jezus moje poslenje (Jesus Is My Desire),
  • Veliki katekizmus (Large Catechism)
  • Kniga molitvena sztara szlovenszka (Old Slovene Prayer Book)
  • Dühovna hrána (The House of the Soul)
  • Máli politicsni vodnik (Little Political Mirror)
  • Szvéti Angel Csuvár (Holy Guardian Angel)

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