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József Konkolics (Slovene: Jožef Konkolič) (March 12, 1861 – January 1, 1941) was a Hungarian Slovene writer and cantor, partner of Miklós Kovács. Both authors wrote a prekmurian hymnal, which did not survive.

Konkolics was born in Mali Dolenci (today Dolenci, Prekmurje) in the Kingdom of Hungary, the son of Ádám Konkolics peasant and Mária Nemes. In 1910 Konkolics and Kovács materially contributed to the appearance of János Zsupánek's hymnal Mrtvecsne peszmi, which also supported the famous politician József Klekl and his cousin József Klekl the Young, priest of Dolenci.

He died and buried in Šalovci.

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