József Lénárd Wéber

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József Lénárd Wéber (1702–1773) was a Hungarian sculptor.

Wéber was born in Świdnica, into a family of sculptors.[1] He is known to have worked on the sacristy at Staré Brno and the facade at St Thomas's Abbey, Brno. From his children's birth records it is established he moved to Buda sometime before 1753. He executed stone sculptures of "Faith, Hope" and "Charity" above the portal of St. Anne's church from 1765, and some figures for the St. Florian Chapel from 1761-1766.[1] He had seven children, one of whom was born in 1738, took his father's name, and became a sculptor as well. Wéber died in Buda in 1773.


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