József Molnár (painter)

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Molnár in c. 1849, self-portrait

József Molnár (21 March 1821 – 6 March 1899) was a Hungarian painter.

Molnár was born in Zsámbék and studied in Venice, Rome and Munich.[1] After his studies, he settled down in Stuttgart, where he earned money by painting portraits. He returned to Hungary in 1853 and started painting landscapes and historic paintings in Pest.

Molnár died in Budapest.



  1. ^ Dénes Pataky Hungarian Drawings and Water-colours 1961 p18 "Though József Molnár (1821–1899) was the romantic painter most deeply rooted in the Biedermeyer style, it was he who proceeded furthest ahead. The stages of his years of study were Vienna, Italy — where he was fascinated by Marko's art"