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Jönköping International Business School (JIBS)
Internationella Handelshögskolan i Jönköping
Motto International at heart. Entrepreneurial in mind. Responsible in action.
Established 1994 (1994)
Type Business school
Academic affiliation AACSB, EFMD(EQUIS), EIASM, PRIME
Location Jönköping, Småland, Sweden57°46′42″N 14°09′43″E / 57.7782°N 14.1620°E / 57.7782; 14.1620Coordinates: 57°46′42″N 14°09′43″E / 57.7782°N 14.1620°E / 57.7782; 14.1620
Dean Jerker Moodysson
Academic staff 113
Students 2,111
Doctoral students 67
Website http://www.ju.se/jibs/en

Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) is a business school located in Jönköping in south central Sweden. The school has a strong focus on studies in entrepreneurship, ownership and renewal.

JIBS is recognized as the most international business school in Sweden with around 180 partner universities[1] and has won international acclaim for its leadership in entrepreneurship and family business research.[2] The school has a culture of student entrepreneurship with several businesses launched each year and student societies involved in finance, debate, international affairs, golf and sailing among other activities. The school hosts a number of research centers, including the Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership and the Media Management and Transformation Center.

The school is part of Jönköping University Foundation which was established in 1994. JIBS offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in business administration, economics, informatics, statistics and commercial law.

JIBS is accredited by EQUIS since March 2015 and by AACSB since December 2015.

Location and Campus[edit]

The Jönköping University Campus, consisting of Jönköping International Business School, School of Engineering, School of Education and Communication, School of Health Sciences, the University Library and University Services, is situated on the western shore of the lake Munksjön and not far from the south shore of the lake Vättern.


JIBS offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in English and Swedish. JIBS has created an entrepreneurial culture amongst its students who turn around 50 new ideas into successful businesses every year, often with the help of the Science Park in Jönköping, which works closely with the school. There is strong emphasis on working with industry and it is mandatory for students in Business Administration to complete academic assignments within a Swedish host company. The school has been a pioneer in taking steps towards internationalization, it was the first school in Scandinavia to offer entire programs in English on all levels, first to convert to the Bologna recommended separate Bachelor/Master program, and the first to admit on equal terms both Swedish and International students to the programs. It is ranked the highest in Sweden for exchange studies, and in some programs 85% of students study a semester abroad.[3] JIBS also offers Summer School programs at undergraduate and graduate level.

Undergraduate Programs[edit]

English undergraduate programs currently offered (fall 2016):[4]

  • International Economics
  • International Management (EFMD EPAS Accredited)
  • Marketing Management
  • Sustainable Enterprise Development

Swedish undergraduate programs currently offered (fall 2016):

  • Civilekonomexamen

Graduate Programs[edit]

The following Graduate programs are offered from fall 2016. All graduate programs are in English. Some programs give a 60-credit master degree after one year, some give a 120-credit master degree after two years.[5]

  • Engineering Management (1 year)
  • International Financial Analysis (1 year)
  • International Marketing (1 year)
  • International Logistics and Supply Chain Management (2 years)
  • IT, Management and Innovation (2 years)
  • Managing in a Global Context (2 years)
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship (2 years)
  • Urban, Regional and International Economics (2 years)
  • Digital Business (2 years)

Research and Doctoral Education[edit]

Since JIBS began offering doctoral education, more than 130 doctoral students have completed their PhD and are now pursuing their careers around the world. Research at JIBS is focused around Entrepreneurship, Ownership and Renewal and is partly carried out at the different research centers which the school hosts.[6]


The university library is a research library within the fields of entrepreneurship, small business and innovations with the special collection Information Centre for Entrepreurship (ICE). With more than 35,000 volumes in 15 languages, ICE has the largest collection of entrepreneurship research in the world. In 2005 the University Library was awarded Library of the Year in Sweden.[7]



Eduniversal ranks JIBS among Excellent Business Schools (3 palms).[8]


In 2011 Ekonomistudenten.se recognized JIBS as the #2 Business and Economics school in Sweden.[9] In 2012, JIBS was again ranked as the #2 Business and Economics school by Ekonomistudenten.se.[10]


In 2014, URANK (Sveriges universitetsranking) ranked JIBS as the #3 business school (tied with Lund University) in Sweden.[11]

Academy of Management

In 2009 the Academy of Management recognized JIBS as #9 (#4 Non U.S) among top 100 business schools in its report on research leadership in entrepreneurial research.

The Future of Business Schools

In 2010 ‘The Future of Business Schools’ ranked JIBS among ‘Top five academic management schools in Sweden’.

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

In 2010 The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Högskolekvalitet), which provides information regarding the quality of study programs offered by Swedish universities, ranks JIBS as #1 in Sweden for international exchange.[2]



In March 2015 JIBS was accredited by EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)


JIBS also achieved AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation in December 2015.


Student body statistics from: "A typical JIBS Student" by Jönköping University, 2010[12]

JIBS is the most international business schools in Sweden and one of the most international in the world. JIBS has around 180 partner universities in around 45 countries all over the world and has been actively involved in LINNAEUS-PALME, NORDPLUS, SOCRATES, TEMPUS, and ALFA projects.[13]

According to the Sweden Higher Education Authority, an institution that provides information in regards to the quality of the different study programs offered by Swedish universities, JIBS is home to the top five study programs in international exchange in Sweden.[3] Out of the economics students 85% pursue a semester abroad and the current student body comprises students from 75 countries and one third of the faculty is drawn from outside Scandinavia.

Student Societies[edit]

The notable societies run by students at JIBS include:

JIBS Student Association (JSA)[edit]

At Jönköping University each of the four schools have their own student association which organizes activities related to the schools' main profiles. JIBS Student Association (JSA) is Jönköping International Business School’s student association. The President of JSA is represented on JIBS’ board.[14]

International Association (IA)[edit]

The International Association of the Student Union works with internationalization and integration. It organizes social activities.

Swedish Society for Debate and Diplomacy (SSDD)[edit]

The Swedish Society for Debate and Diplomacy is the preeminent forum for student debating, research, dialectics and diplomacy in Sweden and the only society of its kind in the country.[citation needed] The debate society has participated in several international debates, conferences and research trips.

Society for International Affairs Jönköping (SIAJ)[edit]

Society of international Affairs (SIAJ) is a politically and religiously independent association aimed at spreading knowledge, increasing awareness and initiating debate about international affairs. Activities include: guest lectures, seminars and debates, field trips, movie club, discussion groups and study circles.


JIBS-United is the student run magazine at JIBS, and is published by JSA.

Nordnet Trading Room[edit]

Nordnet Trading Room was established in collaboration with and funded Nordnet Bank AB. It has state of the art free trading software and computers, with subscriptions to financial periodicals and television news available in the room.


Deans since foundation in 1994. [15]

Name Deanship
Agne Boeryd 1994-1996
Leif Lindmark 1996-2000
Leif Melin 2000-2001
Rolf A. Lundin 2001-2007
Niclas Adler 2007-2010
Agneta Bladh 2011-2011
Johan Roos 2012-2015
Jerker Moodysson 2016-

Partner Universities (excerpt)[edit]

Notable alumni and faculty[edit]


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