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Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen
Born (1960-03-10) 10 March 1960 (age 58)
West Berlin, Germany
GenresNDW, pop, rock
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter, music producer
Years active1974–present
LabelsCBS, BMI, Dsign Music
Associated actsNena, Kim Wilde, Thomas Anders

Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen (born March 10, 1960)[1] is a keyboard player, producer and composer. He was nominated for the “Echo Awards” as a producer of the year two times, and nominated for the German Emmy award as host/judge for the TV show “Pop Stars”.

Born in Berlin, he first played in a band called "Vanguard" in 1974–1977 composing their own Rock Opera. Concerts where conducted with compelling artistic video projections from a then young French artist. In 1978, Uwe joined the band "Odessa" with the bassplayer Jürgen Dehmel winning the Berlin Music Contest award as "Best Rock Band". Uwe joined the band Nena in 1981, having his biggest success in the US with the #1 hitsong "99 Luftballons", while being even more successful in German-speaking countries throughout the 1980s. When the band split in 1987 he moved to New York.

In New York he formed the band-project VoodooX as a keyboard player and co-producer, together with frontman Jean Beauvoir formerly member of The Plasmatics and Little Steven's Disciples of Soul. The album "Vol. 1: The Awakening" was released in 1989. Metal Hammer UK called it the "Best Hard Rock album of the decade".

In the early 2000s Uwe worked as a composer for movie soundtracks in Hollywood. All the Queen's Men in 2001 followed by 2002s original motion picture soundtrack for Igby Goes Down. In the past years he was also hosting "POPSTARS" and other TV projects in Germany.

In 2011, Uwe joined forces with former Modern Talking lead singer Thomas Anders as a dance-pop duo Anders/Fahrenkrog. The two released their first single "Gigolo" on May 27, 2011, followed by the album "Two" on June 10[2] The album peaking at #11 in German album charts.

Production Highlights[edit]

  • 2013: Kamaliya - album "Club Opera" all songs co-written and co-produced
  • 2012: Kamaliya - "Butterflies" single
  • 2010-13: Based in L.A. working on many exiting album projects and musicals
  • 2009–10: Single and Album ( producer and songwriter) for Russian Superstars Nicolai Baskov and Oksanana Fedorova (#1 single Russia Award: „Best Song + Best Video „ Russian Music Awards 2010“)
  • 2006-09: Production of European / Arabian Girl-Pop-Duo „Milk & Honey“

Production and songwriting of the "comeback" album by Kim Wilde "Never Say Never". Movie end title song and on camera songs for Hollywood film “The Informers” - Brat Easton Ellis (a.o. Kim Basinger, Billy Bob Thornton)

  • 2005-06: New Nena collaboration ( album producer / main songwriter) Smash Success Single „Liebe Ist“ hits Nr 1 in several countries, title song of success Telenovela „ Verliebt in Berlin“, the double album „Willst du mit mir gehn“ (Nena) hits Nr 1 Album charts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and receives multiple platinum awards.
  • 2003-04: Two seasons as a host, producer/composer in TV-show „Popstars“ (Multiple #1 singles and #1 albums with the winning bands).
  • 2001–02: New Collaboration with Nena as a main songwriter and album producer. Mega comeback album sells 1. 3 Mio in Germany alone. Collaboration with Sean Paul (first HIT song :“baby girl dont cry no more“. Collaboration with Wyclef Jean ( 99 red balloons).
  • 1999-01: First two Hollywood Music scores with “All the Queens men” and “Igby goes down”.
  • 1994–98: Songwriting and production of Pop-Musical „NOSTRADAMUS 1999“.
  • 1996–98: Production and songwriting for Japanese top artists “Nokko“ and „Kodo“.
  • 1996-97: Producer and songwriter for one Song for the first album of ’N SYNC (Forever young). However this song was replaced for the US-Version of the album
  • 1993-95: music composing for multiple German TV shows +TV game shows , TV advertising campaigns and award shows : „The "Deutsche Fernsehpreis"(German„Emmies“) and „Die Goldene Kamera“, (German „Oscars“) Musical director (since 16 years) for the German „ Oscars“, and since 12 years for the German „Emmy Award“.
  • 1987-93: With base in LA and New York he starts working together with rock star Jean Beauvoir in the heavy metal band “Voodoo X“. The debut album is titled “The Awakening” and is elected as “Rock album of the decade" by British Metal Hammer magazine. Songwriting with Paul Stanley (Kiss), Live show appearance with Bon Jovi, European Voodoo X Tour headlining together with Saga.
  • 1983–84: Under management of Cavallo Raffalo & Fargnioli ( Prince) Songwriting and production for “Apollonia” from the movie “Purple Rain” and TV-series “Falcon Crest”.
  • 1982–87: Main composer / member of the German worldwide smash success band “Nena”. JUFP composed all the hit songs such as; „Nur geträumt“, „Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann“, “99 Luftballons” (worldwide #1 Hit in 52 countries with more than 40 Mill records sold)

Film Scores & movie title songs[edit]

  • “Igby Goes down”: (USA) Two Golden Globe nominations - With Susan Sarandon, Bill Pullman, Claire Danes, Ryan Phillipe.
  • “All the Queen’s men“: (USA) - With Eddie Izzard, Matt Leblanc + Oscar-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzki
  • “Catherine the Great“: (European coproduction) - With Catherine Zheta Jones
  • “Urban legends”: 6 horror movie short films (Senator Film/MGM)
  • “Globi and the stolen shadows“: (Japan/France) coop w. Laurent Garnier
  • “The informers“: (USA 2008 Brad Easton Ellis) - With Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourkey, Billy Bob Thornton
  • Unthinkable”: (USA 2010) - With Samuel Jackson

Songs in US feature Films and TV-shows[edit]

  • Watchmen
  • Boogie Nights
  • Not Another Teenage Movie
  • The Wedding Singer
  • Scrubs
  • Official composer Olympic Games Campaign Berlin 2000

TV advertising campaigns[edit]

  • „Boss“ France (perfume)
  • „Bruna Banani“ (underwear)
  • „Panasonic“ (audio/video)
  • „Mitsubishi“ (cars)
  • „Shöfferhofer Pils“ (beer)
  • „Procter & Gamble” (“Weisser Riese” /washing powder)
  • „Germany’s next Top Model“ (cosmetics)
  • „Mexx“ (perfume)
  • „Fenjal“ (perfume)
  • „Berliner Bank“ (banking)
  • „DIBA“ (banking)
  • „Malibu” (liqueur)
  • „Calvin Klein“ (CK 99) (perfume)


  • "Walhalla Unlimited" - Rock Theatre /Feature Film /Video Game
  • "Desert Flower" ( Waris Dirie) in cooperation with Youssou N'Dour (composer/ author)
  • “Rasputin” (Co composer/ author)

TV-shows worldwide[edit]

  • „Dancing with the stars“ (Contestant /Germany)
  • „Big in America“ ( co-creator, co-producer, host, judge)


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