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The Jüdische Zeitung (English Jewish newspaper) is a monthly newspaper in German language, founded in autumn 2005 by Werner Media Group Berlin. The target audience of the monthly publication is the German speaking Jewish community as well as all readers interested in topics of Judaism. The journal informs about relevant events from Europe, the USA and especially from Israel. Upon its formation it joined the previously founded monthly newspaper Еврейская газета (English Jewish newspaper) published in the Russian language in Germany also by the same publishing house, published since 2002.


  • current political, religious (not only Jewish), social, cultural and economic events in Germany
  • world affairs and Diaspora
  • tradition and modernity
  • Jewish community and contemporary Judaism
  • interreligious dialogue
  • views and disputes about current questions of Judaism and many general social, relevant themes
  • updated Jewish art and culture
  • science and education in Jewish context
  • history of Judaism

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