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Jürgen Henkys (6 November 1929 – 22 October 2015) was a German Protestant minister and theologian.[1]

Henkys was born in Krasnotorowka (de), Ostpreußen, Weimar Republic. He became a lecturer at the Sprachenkonvikt in East Berlin and the Professor for Practical Theology at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin in 1991. He is especially known for his translations of foreign-language hymns into German. His hymns are quite common in the current German Protestant hymnal Evangelisches Gesangbuch.

Selected works[edit]


The Evangelische Gesangbuch includes many hymnal translations from several languages:

From the Dutch[edit]

From the English[edit]

From the Norwegian[edit]

  • "Fylt av glede over livets under" Text by Svein Ellingsen (1971) Music by Egil Hovland (1977). German: "Voller Freude über dieses Wunder" (1982).
  • "Herre, du har reist meg opp". Text by Sven Ellingsen (1955), Music by Trond Kverno (1968). German: "Herr, du hast mich angerührt"(1982). EG 383.


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