Jürgen Knieper

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Jürgen Knieper
Born (1941-03-14) 14 March 1941 (age 78)[1]
Karlsruhe, Germany
Alma materState High School of Music
OccupationFilm score composer
AwardsGerman Film Award for Best Music

Jürgen Knieper (born 14 March 1941) is a German film score composer. Born in Karlsruhe, he was educated at Berlin's State High School of Music.[2]


He began working for director Wim Wenders with his 1972 film The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty.[2] For Wenders' 1975 film The Wrong Move, Knieper won the German Film Award for Best Music.[3]

Wenders turned to Knieper again for the music of his 1987 film Wings of Desire. Knieper assumed harps and violins would suffice for a score for a film about angels, until he saw a cut of the film. Seeing the angels were discontent, he wrote a different score employing a choir, voices and whistling.[4] Musicologist Annette Davison argued this score includes elements of Eastern European and Orthodox Christian music.[5]

In 1990, he was nominated for the European Film Award for Best Composer for December Bride.[6]


His films include:[7]


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