Jānis Liepiņš (painter)

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Jānis Liepiņš (August 9, 1894 – September 2, 1964) was a Latvian painter from Riga. He studied at J Madernieks Studio in Riga between 1909–1910, at the Kazan Art School 1911–1913, and at M Bernstein's Studio in St Petersburg 1913–1917. He was a member of the Riga Artists' Group and Professor of painting at the Art Academy of Latvia 1940–1950. During the 1920s Liepiņš was active in the left-wing press.

Liepiņš is credited with having introduced a fisherman's theme in Latvian genre painting, he also created still lifes of various subjects (tavern scenes, gamblers, peasants' life) drawing attention to the social aspects.