Jōnetsu no Bara

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"Jōnetsu no Bara"
Single by The Blue Hearts
from the album Bust Waste Hip[1]
A-side "Jōnetsu no Bara"
B-side "Teppō"
Released July 25, 1990
Genre Rock
Length 6m17s
Label East West Japan
Writer(s) Hiroto Kōmoto
Producer(s) The Blue Hearts
The Blue Hearts singles chronology
"Jōnetsu no Bara"
"Kubitsuri-dai Kara"

"Jōnetsu no Bara" (情熱の薔薇 Rose of Passion?) was the ninth single by the Japanese rock band The Blue Hearts. It reached #1 on the Oricon charts during the first week of August 1990. The song was also ranked #7 on Oricon's rankings for all of 1990. It was the drama High School Rakugaki, part 2.


"Jōnetsu no Bara" was released as part of The Blue Hearts' fourth album, Bust Waste Hip, which was released shortly afterwards on September 10, 1990, though the arrangement of the song is slightly different.

"Teppō" (鉄砲 Gun), the B-side track, was written by Masatoshi Mashima, the band's guitarist. It is one of the few songs that the band has not performed during a concert.


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