Jōshin'etsu-kōgen National Park

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Jōshin'etsu-kōgen National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Mount Tanigawa 01.jpg
Mount Tanigawa, Gunma and Niigata Prefectures
Location Honshū, Japan
Coordinates 36°37′30″N 138°37′30″E / 36.62500°N 138.62500°E / 36.62500; 138.62500Coordinates: 36°37′30″N 138°37′30″E / 36.62500°N 138.62500°E / 36.62500; 138.62500
Area 1,890.62 square kilometres (729.97 sq mi)
Established September 7, 1949

Jōshin'etsu-kōgen National Park (上信越高原国立公園 Jōshin'etsu-kōgen Kokuritsu Kōen?) is a national park in the Chūbu region of the main island of Honshū, Japan formed around several active and dormant volcanoes.[1] The park spans the mountainous areas of Gunma, Nagano, and Niigata prefectures.[2] The name of the park refers to the two mountain ranges that makes up the park. It is divided into two separate areas: the Southern Niigata/North Nagano Area and the East Nagano Area. Jōshin'etsu-kōgen National Park was established in 1949, and significantly expanded in 1956 to include the Myōkō-Togakushi mountainous region.[3]


The name of the park consists of two elements. The first, "Jōshin'etsu", is a kanji acronym consisting of three characters which represent the former names of provinces of the area: Kōzuke Province (野国?) in present-day Gunma Prefecture, Shinano Province (濃国?) in present-day Nagano Prefecture, and Echigo Province (後国?) in present-day Niigata Prefecture. The second, "kōgen", means tableland or plateau.

Southern Niigata/North Nagano Area[edit]

The Southern Niigata/North Nagano Area (新潟南西部・長野北部 Niigata Nanseibu, Nagano Hokubu?), also referred to as the Myōkō-Togakushi area, encompasses the active volcano Mount Myōkō (2,466 metres (8,091 ft)), Mount Kurohime (2,053 metres (6,736 ft)), Mount Iizuna (1,917 metres (6,289 ft)) and Mount Togakushi (1,911 metres (6,270 ft)).

Southwest Mikuni Mountain Range Area[edit]

Southwest Mikuni Mountain Range Area (三国山脈南西部 Mikuni Sanmyaku Nanseibu?) includes Mount Tanigawa (1,963 metres (6,440 ft)) and two active volcanoes -- Mount Kusatsu-Shirane (2,162 metres (7,093 ft)) and Mount Asama (2,542 metres (8,340 ft)). Mount Asama is the most active volcano on Honshū.


Onsen, Yudanaka, Nagano Prefecture

The Jōshin'etsu Kōgen National Park is a popular tourist destination for skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, and onsen hot spring resorts.[1][2][4] The Eastern Area holds the popular skiing areas of Sugadaira and Shiga Kōgen. The Shiga-Kusatsu-Kogen Ridge Highway traverses this section of the park, connecting the Yamanouchi Hot Springs, including the onsens of Yudanaka, in the north with the resort town of Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture in the south. Karuizawa can be reached from Tokyo via the JR East Nagano Shinkansen.

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