Jürgen Schult

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Jürgen Schult
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1988-0626-014, Jürgen Schult.jpg
Schult in 1988
Personal information
Born (1960-05-11) 11 May 1960 (age 55)[1]
Neuhaus, Hagenow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern[1]
Height 193 cm (6 ft 4 in)[1]
Weight 110 kg (243 lb)[1]
Updated on 16 June 2015.

Jürgen Schult (born May 11, 1960) is a German former track and field athlete and the current world record holder in the discus throw since 1986, currently the longest standing record in men's track and field. Schult represented East Germany in the 1988 Olympic competition in the discus throw on October 1, 1988, where he won the gold medal.


Born in Amt Neuhaus, now in Niedersachsen, Schult was unable to compete in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles due to his country's boycott of the games. He set a world record in the discus in 1986. As an athlete under the East German program, his throw of 74.08 meters (243.0 ft) bested the previous record of Soviet athlete, Yuriy Dumchev, by 2.22 meters (7.3 ft). This discus world record still stands today and is the longest-standing men's world record ever (having surpassed the length of Jesse Owens's long jump record, which stood for 25 years and 79 days).[2]

In 1988, at the first track and field competition ever between East and West Germany, Schult refused to shake hands with the man who had beaten him, Wolfgang Schmidt, who had very shortly before moved from East to West Germany.

Later in his long sport career Schult joined the reunified German team. He competed in a second Olympic Games in 1992, getting a silver medal, and the 1999 World Championships, again getting second place. He competed in his final Olympics in 2000 at the age of 40, finishing in 8th place.

Schult has a degree in sport and in 2002 became the trainer of the German track and field association's men's discus team.

Career results[edit]

  • 1979, Junior European championship: 1st place
  • 1983, World championship: 5th place (64.92)
  • 1986, European championship: 7th Place (64.38)
  • 1987, World Championship: 1st place (68.74)
  • 1988, Olympic Games: 1st place (68.82)
  • 1990, European championship: 1st place (64.58)
  • 1991, World championship: 6th place (63.12)
  • 1992, Olympic Games: 2nd place (64.94)
  • 1993, World championship: 3rd place (66.12)
  • 1994, European championship: 3rd place
  • 1995, World championship: 5th place (64.44)
  • 1996, Olympic Games: 6th place
  • 1997, World championship: 3rd place (66.14)
  • 1998, European championship: 2nd place
  • 1999, World championship: 2nd place (68.18)
  • 2000, Olympic Games: 8th place (64.41)

Schult represented the Traktor Schwerin sport club and trained with Dr. Hermann Brandt, later he represented the Schwerin and Riesa sport clubs and trained with Thomas Schult. While he was actively competing he was 1.93 meters tall and weighed 110 kilograms.


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Men's Discus World and European Record Holder
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