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J-Star stands for Jungiery-Star. Jungiery is a Taiwanese Music-Company. Members of J-Star are: 5566, 183 Club, 7 Flowers, Typhoon, Taiji, LALA, VJ and Cyndi Wang. R&B and K-One used to be part of J-Star too. Some of the original R&B members left Jungiery, and the remaining members were re-grouped with other Jungiery trainees into bubblegum-pop group LALA. And K-One is now back to Wingman Entertainment.

5566 is the main pillar of J-Star.


Current members[edit]

Former Members[edit]


J-Star has their own magazine, with the same name, J-Star.

In 2006 they formed a baseball team to play against Playboy (Korea) and Japan.


The main manager Sun De Rong (also known as Sun Zhong) first created 5566 (21 January 2002). Alongside with them, there are individuals like Ming Dao, Qiao En, Cyndi Wang, Hong Qiao. Almost 2 years later R&B was born (was disbanded in 2006). From then on, with all the success they have, they started to create more and more groups, like 7 Flowers, 183 Club. The individuals are put into groups as well. Sun Zhong took K-One over his side. And Toro moved to Jungiery after he quit Energy and now in a group called Typhoon.

In 2007 they got some step back.


J-Star Albums[edit]

Chinese Title English Title (most C-Pop releases have a Chinese title and an English title) Notes
《愛的奇蹟 喬傑立巨星最紅偶像劇情歌精選》 Love Miracle I - Compilation Of J-star's Best OST Songs Featured
《愛的奇蹟II 跳舞吧! Love Miracle II - Come On Party!
《愛的奇蹟III 搖滾萬歲》 Love Miracle III - I Love Rock And Roll

5566 Albums[edit]

Chinese Title English Title (most C-Pop releases have a Chinese title and an English title) Notes
MVP 情人 電視原聲帶 My MVP Valentine OST
一光年 1st Album First album - 2002
西街少年 電視原聲帶 Westside Story
摯愛 Boyfriend Second album
紫禁之巔 電視原聲帶 Top Of The Forbidden City OST
最棒冠軍精選 C'est Si Bon Featured
格鬥天王 電視原聲帶 Mr. Fighting OST
好久不見 Long Time No See Third studio album
《我愛56 - 傳說再現5年極精選》 I Love 56 - Retelling The First 5 Years Most highly featured
櫻野三加一 電視原聲帶 Ying Ye 3+1 OST
喝采 Bravo Fourth studio album

183 Club Albums[edit]

  • Le Robe De Mariage Des Cieux (Heaven's Wedding Gown) OST (2004)
  • The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog OST (2005)
  • The Magicians of Love OST (2006)
  • FIRST ALBUM (2006)
  • Angel Lover OST (2007)

7 Flowers Albums[edit]

  • 7 Flowers (七朵花) (November 2, 2005)
  • Top On The Forbidden City Original TV Drama Soundtrack (2004)
  • The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog Original TV Soundtrack (2005)
  • The Magicians Of Love Original TV Soundtrack (2006)

Cyndi Wang Album[edit]

Album Date of release Title
1st 24 Feb 2003 Begin...
2nd 26 Mar 2004 Cyndi Loves You 愛你
3rd 18 Feb 2005 Honey
Best Album 26 July 2005 閃耀2005新歌+節奏精選
4th 27 Dec 2005 Cyndi with U
5th 30 Apr 2007 Magic Cyndi
6th 30 Nov 2007 Fly! Cyndi
Best Album 29 Feb 2008 Red Cyndi