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J. J. Perry
Born1966 (age 56–57)
Other names
  • J.J. "Loco" Perry
  • Jordan J. Perry
Occupation(s)Action director, martial artist, actor, stuntman

Jordan Andrew "J. J." Perry is an American action director, martial artist, actor, and stuntman.


Perry began practicing martial arts training in 1975, at the age of eight.[1] Because his mother was not able to afford her son's lessons, he cleaned a martial arts school, and received lessons in trade.[2] He began performing stunt work in the late 1980s after leaving the military.[citation needed]

Perry was a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo by 1993.[2]

He began his acting career when he did stunt work for the character of Johnny Cage in the first Mortal Kombat film. He then played Scorpion, Cyrax, and Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat Annihilation (Chris Casamassa was supposed to reprise as Scorpion but was working on the film Batman & Robin, though he would return in Conquest), and appeared in the MK: Conquest TV series, this time as Scorpion's main rival Sub-Zero, in addition to doing stuntwork for the main character of Kung Lao. In addition to the Mortal Kombat series, Perry has done stuntwork for various television shows and movies such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Scorpion King, 24, Beowulf and The Town as FBI Swat 2. He was a member of the cast of the 2004 movie Sunland Heat, and part of the stunt team for the 2006 fighting movie Ultraviolet.[3][4]

Perry shared in the Male Stuntman of the Year Award at the 2004 World Stunt Awards for his work in the 2003 action comedy film The Rundown.[5] He was also voted 2012 Stunt Coordinator of the Year[6] at the short-lived (2010-2012) ActionFest action movie festival (founded by Chuck Norris's stunt double, director, and younger brother Aaron Norris).

In May 2023, Perry was announced to direct a film adaptation of Jay Bonansinga's novel The Killer's Game.[7]


  • 2 Times California State Champion
  • 2 Times National Junior Olympian
  • Texas State Champion
  • 2 Time All Army Champion
  • 1990 Olympic Tae Kwon Do Team (Alternate)




Second unit director


Stunt coordinator

Utility stunts

Stunt double

Year Title Artist
2005 Be Cool John Travolta
XXX: State of the Union Barry Sigismondi
Serenity Nathan Fillion
Today You Die Jamie McShane
2006 The Hard Easy David Boreanaz
2013 Homefront Clancy Brown

Fight choreographer

Fight coordinator

Fight double

Acting roles

Year Title Role Notes
1993 Full Impact Louis's Street Fighter
1996 Bloodsport III J. J. Tucker
1997 Mortal Kombat Annihilation Cyrax / Scorpion / Noob Saibot / Tarkatan (Baraka)
1998 Deadly Ransom Tony
Enter the Eagles Ben
2001 The Rage Within Jay
The Silent Force Rookie
2003 Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision Officer
2004 Spartan Bodyguard
Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon Boxing referee
Sunland Heat Matthews
2005 Today You Die Thug
2007 Adventures of Johnny Tao Lido
2008 The Shepherd: Border Patrol Illegal immigrant
2009 Tea and Remembrance Bar patron Short film
The Tournament Montoya
2011 Haywire Max
2012 Get the Gringo Reginald T. Barnes

Other credits

Year Title Role
2008 Beyond the Ring Fight director
2009 Blood and Bone Martial arts director
2010 The Experiment Action coordinator
2011 Warrior Walla group
2012 Django Unchained Stunt performer
2013 Olympus Has Fallen Fight performer
2014 John Wick Stunt player


TV movies[edit]

Year Title Role
1994 Vanishing Son I Stunts
Vanishing Son II
Vanishing Son III
Vanishing Son IV
2005 The Poseidon Adventure Stunt performer
Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire Stunts
2007 Sharpshooter Stunt performer
All I Want for Christmas Livestock trainer
2017 The Saint Stunt coordinator

TV series[edit]


Year Title Notes
1993 Walker, Texas Ranger 100 episodes[8]
1995 WMAC Masters Stunt ninja
1996 Nash Bridges
1998 Charmed
1998–99 Mortal Kombat: Conquest Stunt actor and double for Alexander Walters (2 episodes)
1999 Angel
V.I.P. Episode "The Quick and the Dead"
2001 Crossing Jordan
2002 V.I.P. Episode "48½ Hours"
She Spies
Birds of Prey
The Chang Family Saves the World Unaired pilot
2006 Fallen Miniseries
2014 True Blood Episode "Jesus Gonna Be Here"

Acting roles

Year Title Role Notes
1994 Duckman Ninja Episode "Papa Oom M.O.W. M.O.W."
1998–99 Mortal Kombat: Conquest Sub-Zero
2001 Fear Factor Himself
2006 CSI: NY Keith Gale Episode "Heroes"

Other credits

Year Title Role Notes
2006 American Misfits Fight coordinator
2017 S.W.A.T. Stunt coordinator Episode "Pilot"
2019 Stumptown Episode "Forget It Dex, It's Stumptown"
2021 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Stunt performer Episode "The Star-Spangled Man"
Shadow and Bone Stunt coordinator, stunt director:
second unit and second unit director
Episode "A Searing Burst of Light"

Web series[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2000 Mortal Kombat: Federation of Martial Arts Sub-Zero 9 episodes
2009 Angel of Death Stunts


  1. ^ Stunt co-coordinator and assistant stunt coordinator: second unit/additional photography


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