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John Alexander Motyer
Born 1924
Dublin, Ireland
Died 26 August 2016(2016-08-26) (aged 91–92)
Nationality British
Occupation Priest, Scholar, Lecturer, Academic, Seminary presidents
Religion Christian (Anglican)
Academic background
Education Trinity College Dublin, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford
Academic work
Discipline Biblical studies
Institutions Clifton College
Tyndale Hall
Trinity College
Notable works Isaiah (TOTC)

J. Alec Motyer (1924 – 26 August 2016)[1] was a British biblical scholar. He was Vice-Principal of Clifton Theological College and vicar of St. Luke's, Hampstead and Christ Church, Westbourne (Bournemouth) (1981 - 1989), before becoming Principal of Trinity College, Bristol.

Motyer was born in Dublin and educated at Trinity College, Dublin where he received BA, MA, and BD degrees. He trained to become an Anglican minister at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Tremper Longman III describes as a "competent and popular expositor",[2] while Tim Keller has said that Motyer and Edmund Clowney were "the fathers of my preaching ministry".[3] By contrast, Motyer's own opinion of himself was, "I’m not really a scholar. I’m just a man who loves the Word of God.”[4]




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