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J. Andrew Keith
John Andrew Keith.jpg
Andrew Keith
Born (1958-08-31)August 31, 1958
Died August 7, 1999(1999-08-07) (aged 40)[1]
Nationality American
Occupation Game designer

John Andrew Keith (August 31, 1958 – August 7, 1999)[2] was an American author and games developer.


J. Andrew Keith, and his brother William H. Keith, Jr., had seen ads in Journal of the Travellers Aid Society that stated that Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) was seeking authors; Loren Wiseman brought them on to begin freelancing for GDW in 1978 or 1979, and together the three of them set up much of the early tone for the Traveller universe.[3]:56 J. Andrew Keith's writing for the Journal of the Travellers Aid Society was so extensive that he began to use the pseudonyms John Marshal and Keith Douglass.[3]:56 The Keith brothers were making enough money that they were able to freelance full-time starting around 1979.[3]:56 The Keith brothers began working for FASA by the end of 1980.[3]:119 FASA began getting into publishing adventures for Traveller beginning with Ordeal by Eshaar (1981) by the Keith brothers, who then wrote FASA's "Sky Raiders" trilogy (1981-1982).[3]:119 J. Andrew Keith briefly edited the magazine High Passage in 1982 before the High Passage Group told FASA that they could not publish additional High Passage material; FASA replaced this magazine with a new J. Andrew Keith magazine called Far Traveller, which began publication in October 1982.[3]:119 When FASA ended its support of Traveller, the Keith brothers moved their Traveller writing to a new company called Gamelords, but continued working for FASA in other capacities.[3]:120 The Keith brothers wrote seven supplements for Gamelords, including The Mountain Environment (1983), The Undersea Environment (1983), and The Desert Environment (1984).[3]:131

J. Andrew Keith wrote some adventures for Fantasy Games Unlimited's Chivalry & Sorcery before the line ended.[3]:74 The Keith brothers expanded into FGU's other lines in 1985 including Aftermath!, Daredevils, Flashing Blades, and Psi World.[3]:75 The Keith brothers also designed Freedom Fighters (1986), one of the last role-playing games published by FGU.[3]:75


Andrew was a rather prolific Science Fiction and Role-Playing Game author, and the bibliography presented below is in no way comprehensive. Several of these works were with various co-authors, most commonly his brother, William H. Keith, Jr.[4]

  • A note regarding pen names in the words of William H. Keith, Jr.:

"We shared several [pen names]: Keith William Andrews, Keith Douglass, and H. Jay Riker. Back in the Traveller days, when he was doing a ton of writing for the old Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society, he used several pen names, including Keith Douglass and John Marshall, so it wouldn't look like the journal was entirely an Andrew Keith production."

Science fiction novels[edit]

  • Wing Commander: False Colors
  • Wing Commander: Heart of the Tiger
  • The Fifth Foreign Legion: March or Die
  • The Fifth Foreign Legion: Honor and Fidelity
  • The Fifth Foreign Legion: Cohort of the Damned
  • Battletech: Blood of Heroes
  • Battletech: Mercenary's Star

Science fiction short stories[edit]

  • The Legacy of Leonidas
  • Rendezvous with Death
  • Orion Rising

Traveller RPG material[edit]

Books, Supplements, and Folio Adventures: Cargonaut Press, Digest Group Publications, FASA, Gamelords, GDW, Marischal Adventures, and Seeker.

  • Alien Module 1: Aslan
  • Alien Module 2: K'Kree
  • Alien Module 3: Vargr
  • Alien Module 4: Zhodani
  • Alien Module 5: Droyne
  • Alien Module 7: Hivers
  • Alien Realms
  • Aliens for Traveller
  • Arctic Environment
  • Ascent to Anekthor
  • Beltstrike
  • Chamax Plague
  • Escape
  • Exotic Atmospheres: Special Supplement 2
  • Faldor: World of Adventure
  • Fate of the Sky Raiders
  • Flight of the Stag
  • Grand Census
  • Grand Survey
  • Harrensa Project
  • Horde
  • Legend of the Sky Raiders
  • Letter of Marque
  • Merchant Prince: Special Supplement 1
  • Mountain Environment
  • Murder on Arcturus Station
  • Night of Conquest
  • Nomads of the World Ocean
  • Ordeal by Eshaar
  • Pilot's Guide to the Drexilthar Subsector, A
  • Rogues in Space: Letter of Marque
  • Rogues in Space: Scam
  • Salvage Mission
  • Starport Planetfall
  • Startown Liberty
  • Stazlekh Report, The
  • Trading Team
  • Trail of the Sky Raiders
  • Traveller Adventure
  • Travellers' Aid Society Alien Encyclopedia
  • Undersea Environment
  • Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars
  • Wanted: Adventurers
  • World Builder's Handbook

Magazine articles[edit]

  • Adventures in Traveller: Exploration
  • Adventures in Traveller: Trade and Commerce
  • Adventures in Traveller: Wilderness Situations
  • Adventurette: Jailbreak
  • Adventurette: Night Rescue
  • Adventurette: The Last Bastion
  • Adventurette: Trial By Justice
  • Amber Zone: Drannixa Gambit
  • Amber Zone: Embassy in Arms
  • Amber Zone: Lockbox
  • Amber Zone: Raid on Stataorlai
  • Amber Zone: Royal Hunt
  • Amber Zone: Small Package
  • Amber Zone: The Birthday Plot
  • Amber Zone: Tournament
  • Amber Zone: Tuktaar Connection
  • Amber Zone Ventures Afar
  • Amber Zone: Without a Trace
  • Awaiting Shipment: Petrochemicals
  • Azun
  • Bestiary: Afeahyaltow
  • Bestiary: Crested Jabberwock
  • Bestiary: Doyle's Eel
  • Bestiary: Garhawk
  • Bestiary: Ice Crawler
  • Bestiary: Luugir
  • Boarding Pass: Jalas Glennol
  • Caledon Highlanders
  • Care and Feeding of NPCs
  • Casual Encounter: Emil "Boomer" Brankovich
  • Casual Encounter: Enli Iddukagan
  • Casual Encounter: Fast "Johnny" McRae
  • Casual Encounter: Gamaagin Kaashukiin
  • Casual Encounter: Glorinna Firella
  • Casual Encounter: Gunnar Haelvedssen
  • Casual Encounter: Ramon San Yarvo
  • Casual Encounter: Ringaal DeAstera
  • Casual Encounter: Simone Garibaldi
  • Civilian Striker Weapons
  • Closest Encounter
  • Compleat Starport
  • Computer Implants
  • Computer Software for High Guard
  • Contact: Ael Yael
  • Contact: Aslan
  • Contact: The Girug'kagh
  • Contact: Irklan
  • Contact: The Girug'kagh
  • Contact: The Virushi
  • Dev Landrel
  • Flare Star
  • Hunting Bugs
  • I'm a Doctor, Not a. . .
  • In Transit: Grav Mining Vehicle
  • In Transit: Orbital Tug
  • Newcomers, The
  • Outside the Expanses: Reaver's Deep
  • Parachutes
  • Periastron
  • Pilot's Guide to Ea Subsector
  • Pilot's Guide to the Caledon Subsector, A
  • Pilot's Guide to the Scotian Deep Subsector
  • Planetfall: Supplementary Material for MegaTraveller
  • Port Authority Handbook: Arrival In-System
  • Port Authority Handbook: Communications
  • Port Authority Handbook: Convoys
  • Port Authority Handbook: Interdicted Planets
  • Port Authority Handbook: Inward Clearance
  • Port of Call: Rejhappur
  • Port of Call: Roakhoi
  • Reavers' Deep Sector
  • Referee's Guide to Planet-building, Parts I and II
  • Religion in the Two Thousand Worlds
  • Ship's Locker: Flares and Signalling Devices
  • Ship's Locker: Torches and Welding Equipment
  • Ship's Locker: Vargr Corsair Bands
  • Small Cargoes and Special Handling
  • Small Cargoes: Three for the Road
  • Small Cargoes: Afeahyakhtow
  • Small Cargoes: Hkyadwaeh
  • Storm
  • Striking it Rich
  • Temperature in Traveller
  • Traveller: The Final Frontier
  • Traveller's Gear: Body Pressure Suit
  • Travelling Without a Starship
  • Umpire Strikes Back!, The
  • Vargr Grav Platforms
  • Vland!
  • Wardn
  • Wardn Enigma
  • World's of the Imperium: Fisher's World
    • appeared in Challenge, Far and Away, Far Traveller, High Passage, Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, MegaTraveller Journal, Space Gamer, Traveller Chronicle, and Travellers' Digest.

Miscellaneous Traveller Credits: FASA, and Seeker[edit]

  • Adventure Class Ships I - Booklet II
  • Adventure Class Ships II - Booklet I & II
  • Aslan Mercenary Ships - Booklet I & II
  • I.S.C.V. Leander - Booklet (scenarios: The Hostage, Terminal Velocity, and Raider!)
  • I.S.P.M.V. Fenris - Booklet (scenarios: Boring From Within, Prisoners at Large, and Surprise Reversed)
  • I.S.P.M.V. Tethys - Booklet (scenarios: Enemy Action, Staff Meeting, and Retreat from Stiara)
  • Merchant Class Ships - Booklet I & II
  • Starport Module I: Hotel Complex - Booklet (scenarios: Break-In, The Gamblers, and Hostages)
  • Z.I.S.M.V. Vlezhdatl - Booklet (scenarios: Boarding Action, Prize Crew, and Escape)


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