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J. Clinton Shepherd (1888-1975) was an American magazine illustrator, sculptor and muralist.


Early life[edit]

'I-I-how far do we have to run,' she gasped", an illustration for T. S. Stribling Fombombo (1923).

Joy Clinton Shepherd was born on September 11, 1888.[1] His father was Charles F. Shepherd and his mother, Emma Shepherd.[1] He had four siblings.[1] He attended the University of Missouri–Kansas City, but dropped out in 1906.[1] With his brother, he moved to the Great Northwest and lived with Crow Indians.[1] From 1910 to 1914, he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.[1] He joined the Illinois National Reserve as a bugler and served in the First World War.[1]


He moved to New York City in 1919.[1] From 1921 to 1930, he worked as an illustrator for Collier's, The Saturday Evening Post, and Woman's World.[1] He also did an illustration of Fombombo (1922), a novel by Thomas Sigismund Stribling (1881-1965) in Adventure.[2]

In 1925, he moved to Westport, Connecticut and became a sculptor of bronzes in the manner of Frederic Remington.[1][3] In the 1930s, he worked as an illustrator for Popular Publications.[1]

In 1938, he moved to Palm Beach, Florida and started teaching art at Barry College in Miami Shores, Florida.[1] He served as Director of the Norton Gallery School of Art in Palm Beach during the Second World War.[1] By 1947, he opened his own art gallery in Palm Beach.[1] He also painted murals at the Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville, Georgia, owned by Elisabeth Ireland Poe.[4] He also did murals based on the Everglades at Clewiston Inn in Clewiston, Florida.[4][5]

Personal life[edit]

He was married to Gail E. Shepherd.[1] They had a daughter, Joy, and two sons, Edwin and Charles.[1] He died of a heart attack on June 20, 1975 in Palm Beach, Florida.[1]


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