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J. D. Frazer
Born1969 (age 49–50)
Notable works
User Friendly

J. D. Frazer (born 1969), pen name Illiad, is the artist and writer of the webcomic User Friendly. The strip debuted in November 1997, and is considered to be one of the first major webcomics. It is about a group of characters who work for a fictional Internet service provider, and the comic's readership consists mainly of programmers, self-styled geeks, and other technophiles. The User Friendly Web site, which Frazer guides, also features general discussions and provides collaborative technical support. Frazer is also an advocate of the open source software movement.

Frazer moved to Canada in the mid-1970s, after living in Australia and Asia. He began his career in law enforcement and served as a corrections officer,[1] hoping eventually to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but he changed his mind, leaving law enforcement to pursue more creative endeavours. He worked as a game designer, production manager, art director, project manager, Web services manager, writer, creative director, and cartoonist. As of 2014 he lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada[citation needed].


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