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John Neville Figgis, CR (1866–1919) was an historian, political philosopher and Anglican priest and monk of the Community of the Resurrection. Educated at Brighton College and St Catharine's College, Cambridge, he was a student of Lord Acton at Cambridge, and editor of much of Acton's work.

He is remembered in relation to the history of ideas, and concepts of the Pluralist State. The latter he in some ways adapted from Otto von Gierke; his ideas were picked up by others, such as G. D. H. Cole and Harold Laski.

He entered the Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield in 1896.



  • The Pluralist Theory of the State: Selected Writings of G. D. H. Cole, J. N. Figgis, and H. J. Laski (1989) edited by Paul Hirst
  • Pluralist State: The Political Ideas of J. N. Figgis and His Contemporaries (1994) David Nicholls

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