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A bottle of J. P. Chenet wine

JP Chenet is a French wine brand, produced by Les Grands Chais de France since 1984. The brand is bottled with a curved bottleneck. It claims the title of most sold French wine in the world, with a distribution in more than 160 countries.[citation needed]


In 1984, Les Grands Chais de France (GCF Group) conceived of a branded bottle consisting of characteristic curved bottleneck and a large body. Calling the bottle design "Josephine", its manufacture required the adaptation of existing industrial tools. The new brand was named J. P. Chenet.

The first JP Chenet bottle went on sale in 1984. In 1987 a sweeter white, Vin de Pays des Côtes de Thau, and a rosé, Cinsault Vin de Pays d’Oc, were added to the range.

In 1992 the brand had sold 400,000 cases of 9 litres. The brand launched a line of 25cl wines in 1994. Beginning in 1996 JP Chenet added two wines aged in barrels: Merlot-Cabernet and Chardonnay. A 3 litre bag-in-box was launched in 2000.

In 2004 7.4 million boxes of 9 litres were sold, and JP Chenet launched a range of sparkling wines available in 750 ml and 200 ml. In 2005, the brand revised its packaging for 750ml and 250ml. Also in 2005, the Joséphine bottle was engraved with the brand’s logo for the entire wine range. In 2008 the Classic range was revamped. In 2009, JP Chenet launched a flavoured wine called Fashion.

In 2011 JP Chenet launched wine in a range of 18.7cl PET containers. JP Chenet that year also launched a range called Terroir offering characteristic AOP grape varieties.

The company launched a limited edition Cabernet-Syrah and Merlot in 2012, and launched JP Chenet ice, a sparkling wine, in 2014.


  • JP Chenet won a Packaging Oscar and the Verre Avenir award in 1991.[citation needed]