J. P. Dahlén

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J. P. Dahlén
J. P. Dahlén in 1922
Member of the Swedish Parliament
for Norrbotten
In office
Personal details
Died 1938
Political party Social Democrat (-1917), Left Socialist/Communist (1917-1929), Communist (Kilbom group) (1930-)
Profession Miner

Jonas Petter Dahlén (also called "Dahlén i Kiruna", meaning 'Dahlén in Kiruna', b. November 14, 1881, Ragunda, d. January 23, 1938, Jukkasjärvi) was a Swedish mine worker and politician.[1]

Dahlén was elected to the second chamber of the Swedish parliament, from the northern constituency of Norrbotten, representing the Social Democratic Left Party.[1][2] He was one of seven members of parliament belonging to the Social Democratic Left Party. When the party metamorphosed into the Communist Party of Sweden upon adopting the twenty-one conditions of the Communist International, Dahlén was the sole parliamentarian that remained in the party.[2][3] He was re-elected in 1921 as a Communist Party candidate. He remained in parliament until 1932.[1][2]

In October 1929 the Communist Party passed through a major split. The group led by Karl Kilbom and Nils Flyg was expelled by the Executive Committee of the Communist International. The expelled grouping reorganized themselves as a separate Communist Party of Sweden. All communist parliamentarians, except for Dahlén, sided with Kilbom. Dahlén did however, after a few months of vacilliating, join the Kilbom-led Communist Party.[4]