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J. Stalin
Birth nameJovan Smith
Born (1983-01-25) January 25, 1983 (age 37)
OriginOakland, California, U.S.
GenresHip hop, west coast hip hop, Gangsta rap, hyphy, G-Funk, R&B
Years active2002–present
Associated actsMistah F.A.B., Keak Da Sneak, Richie Rich, Philthy Rich, Joe Blow, the Jacka, Mozzy

Jovan Smith (born January 25, 1983), better known by his stage name J. Stalin (also stylized as J Stalin or J-Stalin), is a rapper from the Cypress Village housing projects in West Oakland.[1][dead link] In 2007, he signed to Zoo Entertainment Production Company run by artist Mekanix, who described his style as a variant of Hyphy known as "Go".[2] He is also the Owner of Livewire Records, President of Town Thizzness ENT, which is a sub-division of the late Mac Dre's Thizz ENT.


J. Stalin was born into poverty and earned money as a child by selling candy bars on the BART trains. Around age 16, he began recording and selling rap music.[3] As a youth he sold drugs in his local housing projects and spent eleven months on parole for drug dealing.[1]

Musical career[edit]

Although young and boyish-looking, J-Stalin adopted a tough rapper persona.[4] He references Joseph Stalin in his stage name because they shared the same initials, and "...He was short like me, but he was always smashin' on everybody."[5] In a recent interview he remarked about his home and lifestyle, "This is West Oakland, man. This is the bottoms right here." He went on to say that the crime rate in his neighborhood was so high, the city had remodeled the housing units in his housing project to remove the back doors so that criminals could not escape from home raids by the police.[6] His major influences Stalin claims came from a small town named Castroville. He claims he can relate to the poverty and hardships the town has to deal with and has major respect for the town. Stalin was also in the internet sensation video "Cupcakin" with J-Nash.

J. Stalin's first widely released performances arose when a DJ Daryl, a local recording studio owner, placed him on a track he was recording.[1] A colleague of Daryl's, Richie Rich was impressed enough to put J. Stalin on three tracks in his 2002 album Nixon Pryor Roundtree album and two more as a member of Rich's group, the Replacement Killers.[1] He later recorded and performed with artists such as G-Stack,[7] Beeda Weeda,[8] Keak Da Sneak and San Quinn,[9] E-40, The Luniz, The Team, The Frontline, Mob Figaz, Yukmouth, Numskull, Shock G, and others. As of 2006 he had released roughly 7 mixtapes and had four releases scheduled for 2007.[1] Mekanix and Zoo Entertainment released "On Behalf of the Streets" in early May 2007.[10] J. Stalin is the President of Town Thizzness, and the owner of Livewire Records.[citation needed] He is also the front man in his group, Livewire Da Gang[citation needed] The Livewire Gang consists of many artists from various neighborhoods in North, East, and West Oakland.[citation needed] Some of these artists include, Shady Nate, Jay Jonah, Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe, Lil Blood, Ruben Stunner, R.O.B., Ronald Mack, Ant Mack, Kiwi Da Beast, and Mayback.[citation needed]

J. Stalin discography[edit]

Studio albums[edit]


  • 2007 J-Stalin Presents Slappin In Trunk Vol. 4
  • 2011 Livewire Records Presents I Pledge Allegiance To The Wire
  • 2012 The Best Of J-Stalin Vol. 1
  • 2012 Livewire Records Presents I Pledge Allegiance To The Wire 2
  • 2013 Down To The Wire Compilation
  • 2014 Street Platinum The Ultimate Album
  • 2015 Livewire The Saga Continues


  • 2007: DJ Fresh Presents: The Tonite Show (with Beeda Weeda)
  • 2008 J-Stalin & Beeda Weeda - Quit Hatin On The Bay Town Thizzness (Special Edition)
  • 2009: The Real World: East-West Oakland Edition (with Mayback)
  • 2009: Giants & Elephants (with Guce)
  • 2010: Women & Money (with Lil Kev)
  • 2011 Hell Rell, J-Stalin, Lord Geez - Guilty By Association
  • 2011 J-Stalin & Young Doe - Diesel Therapy
  • 2012: Bottom of the 9th (with L'Jay R&B singer)
  • 2017: DJ Fresh Presents: The Tonite Show with J. Stalin


  • 2006: Stamp of Approval: The Mixtape
  • 2006: R.N.B. Mixtape
  • 2006: Demolition Men Presents: Early Morning Shift (Mixtape Magazine Edition)
  • 2007: Warning Shots Vol.1 (Mixed by DJ Edit)
  • 2007: Demolition Men Presents: Early Morning Shift (EMS Mixtape Vol.2) (with Shady Nate)
  • 2008: Welcome to da Slap House
  • 2008: Warning Shots Vol.2
  • 2009: Prenup: The Leak
  • 2010: Demolition Men Presents: Early Morning Shift (EMS Mixtape Vol.3) (with Philthy Rich)

Livewire Da Gang discography[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

  • 2007: Pay Ya'Self or Spray Ya'Self (Stalin, Shady, Jonah)
  • 2009: Livewire Radio
  • 2009: Livewire The Empire
  • 2009: Livewire Radio 2
  • 2010: Livewire Radio 3


  • 2008: Murder Fa Hire: The Hop Out (HD, Lil Blood, Ronald Mack, Lil Rue)

Music videos[edit]

  • 2005: 808
  • 2006: Let's Get It On Tonight
  • 2008: Show Me
  • 2008: Paint The Town
  • 2009: Lyrical Exercise Pt. 1
  • 2009: Try Again Tomorrow
  • 2009: Rock Day
  • 2010: D-Boy Blues 2010
  • 2010: Across the Water Feat. Philthy Rich, GoldToes
  • 2010: Stop My Shine
  • 2010: Everyday my Birthday
  • 2010: Last Night
  • 2010: That Quick Feat. A1
  • 2011: Lyrical Exercise Pt. 3 Feat. L'Jay
  • 2011: Self Made Millionaire Feat. Lil Retro, Lil Blood & L'Jay
  • 2011: Dopegame Feat. L'Jay
  • 2011: No Middle Man Feat. Berner
  • 2011: Colder Blood Feat. The Jacka, Berner, Fam Syrk
  • 2012: Pigeon Coop Feat. Ya Boy, Shady Nate & L'Jay
  • 2012: Who Are You (with DJ Fresh)
  • 2012: Dope Game (with DJ Fresh)
  • 2013: Molly Song ft Problem


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