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J. T. Petty
JT Petty CC2012.JPG
J. T. Petty at Comic-Con International 2012
Born (1977-02-28) February 28, 1977 (age 39)
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Residence Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Film director, author, video game writer
Years active 2001–present
Spouse(s) Sarah Langan

J. T. Petty (self-styled JT Petty, born February 28, 1977 in Raleigh, North Carolina) is an American dialogue video game writer. Petty's film and short novels contain elements of the horror genre. He wrote dialogue for Ubisoft video game, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell as well as for the survival horror Game Outlast. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Film career[edit]

After shooting his first feature, Soft for Digging, in 1998 as a thesis project at NYU, it went on to screen at The Sundance Film Festival in 2002. Paced more like a silent film, it got noticed for its display of the death of animals and children.[1]

After this, Petty directed films for production companies such as Miramax and HDNet.[2][3] Currently he is working on a remake of Faces of Death, which is being reworked as a fictional narrative.




comic books

  • 2013: Brooklyn Animal Control, IDW Publishing
  • 2016: Outlast The Murkoff Account

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